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Apex Affinity provides innovative services that help organizations reach new customers, increase
satisfaction and loyalty, and create new revenue streams. From traditional retail discount cards to
the latest e-marketing technologies, Apex enables affinity groups to engage their members and grow.
LEADS.   Add Apex incentives and rewards to your
direct mail, telemarketing, and social media
campaigns, and watch your responses, leads and
sales climb.

MARKET DATA.  Apex’s industry-leading analytics
provide a wealth of data about the buying habits of
your affinity group members. The result: your
marketing strategies will be more targeted, effective
and profitable.

BRAND AWARENESS.  Build your brand with a
membership card with your company’s name in
the hands of thousands of consumers.
Apex’s discount programs help your members save
up to 55% on prescriptions and other healthcare

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.  Use these programs to
supplement traditional health insurance for your
employees, or as an affordable alternative.

MEMBER REWARDS.  Offer customers an incentive
or reward for purchases or renewals.

GOODWILL & VALUE.  Help your members save
money on healthcare and other costs, earn goodwill
and build a profitable, long-term relationship.

Apex affinity discount programs can help your bottom line, while providing your members with savings and value.

Generate revenue on:
• Annual renewals,
• Monthly fees, or
• Every time your members use your program.